Friday, March 15, 2013

An update

It has been a while but what can I say... Things are going well.

I got my test results back today and my cancer #'s are up but not too bad.  I have put on some weight so I will be hammering at that starting NOW !!  That has historically lowered those #'s and I'm can't see why it won't again.

Dr. was pleased but not enough to let me go more than 3 months before the next checkup.

I have struggled with numbness and weakness mostly on my left side off and on.  I had a flair-up starting yesterday at 1:00 where my left foot and lower leg made the decision to just go to sleep, they didn't ask me first.  Then my left arm decided to join the party and what the hey, why not the left side of my face! It happens and I know that this too shall pass.

So.... I'm been avoiding going to the neurologist for a couple of years now and it has come time to give in, Jenni my wife was ready to tie me up and take me by force.  It is always written down at the end of my oncologist visit that they recommend I see one.  I will see him in April right after they scan my brain.  I'm sure not much will be found there but a big void.

Just because MS runs in my family everyone seem to point me in that direction.  Well, I have "multiple myeloma" why not "multiple sclerosis"  I will keep things "multiple".   This is not to say that I have MS, I don't think I do.  I will at least get a reprieve from everyone worrying about it and will get back to just being me.

The body is sick, but thanks to Jesus the soul is alive and well...


  1. Steve, thanks for the update. We assume that no news is good news and that your dance with MM is gradually improving. My left foot and leg often decide to 'nap' without my permission, so I can sympathize with you. So far the left arm nor the face have been invited, so you are ahead of me there! Please keep us updated on your visits to the neurologist as I am always interested in their thoughts. Our best to you and the family....ez

  2. Glad to read an update from you and as EZ said, he sure can relate to the left leg and foot suddenly deciding to go to sleep! Hard for me to imagine, and frustrating for sure. Hope all checks out well at the battle at a time please!