Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ya....  Today I got the sling off...  Dr. set me up for physical therapy but I don't think I will need much.  After working with the arm most of the day I have a range of motion equal to my right arm.  It is still a little puffy and sore but that is expected as  I haven't used it in a month.  It will be sore but I can work through that.

Dr. said still not much bone growth yet but normal for my age.  I'm right where he expect me to be.  Only 2 restrictions,  first: 10lb max on lifting,  second: no exercise that carries with it a chance of falling and re-injuring the clavicle.  He said it is stable but not strong until I get strong bone growth.  I will hit the gym but leave the bike in the garage for another month.

The Tour De Tahoe is September 9th.  I'm still focused on doing it but I'm also a realist and I know I won't match last years time.

On the myeloma front, they are ordering a new test to see if I have amyloidosis.  He will let me know what the test shows a few days later.  Not too worried about that.  I have moved from a 6 month watch list back to a 3 month watch list.  Things are moving but all in all a lot to be thankful for and nothing to be over worried about.

So... The arm is healing and the myeloma is behaving itself.  Life is good!

The body is sick, but thanks to Jesus the soul is alive and well...


  1. Steven,
    We're glad that you are healing up and will pray that you are able to attack the Tour De Tahoe in September.
    No news on the MM front is always good news. Every month we pass the M-Spike tests at the oncologists is another month we can check off that we are fighting the good fight.
    Happy 4th to you and yours!

  2. Why do they suspect Amyloidosis? Your kappa free light number was just bearly out of range in Nov of 2011. My wife's lambda numer has risin lately to 3377 mg/ L.

  3. Because of the numbness I'm experiencing early in the process W/O treatment. The proteins can attach to the nerves and cause that. It can also happen at very low levels of free light #'s. I think it is just more of a precaution.

  4. Glad to hear your arm is recovering well. I agree that you stay off the bike. You'll have plenty of time to get back to where you were. Keep up the good work. Dan