Monday, August 4, 2014

Life is normal

I guess I should blog more...  But I guess that I have become comfortable on where I'm at with the smoldering myeloma.  My numbers are slowing growing but at this rate it is going to be a very long time until anything needs to be done.  My job now is to stay healthy and enjoy my life...  I'm doing both.

Only challenge is with my local oncologists.  They keep changing so I have opted to have my local primary care doctor order my testing and I will review and call UCSF if I have any questions.  My Dr. is on board with this as is Dr. Martin at UCSF.  He will get a copy and will call me if he sees something that I miss.  All in all, Life is good and I'm happy and blessed.

The body is sick, but thanks to Jesus the soul is alive and well...


  1. How are you Steven? EZ and I miss hearing from you as life is busy and "normal". Hope you are well. We need to get back to blogging...

  2. Everything okay Steven? Let us know how you're feeling! Your grandchildren sure are cute! (pictures on your wife's blog) EZ is doing well and will celebrate his 5th birthday in August.

    Linda and EZ